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  About The School  

Vision Statement

To build a foundation for life-long learning

Mission Statement

To meet the developmental, educational, and social needs of all students and families

Belief Statement

To provide for the educational and social needs of students while preparing them for a successful school year

School Motto

Children learn through discovery and a stimulating environment. 

About the School

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The Thompson Early Childhood Center serves three and four year old children who qualify for the Exceptional Children, Head Start, NCPK, or Title I program. All teachers are licensed in birth – kindergarten education and all instructional assistants have an AA or Credential in Early Childhood Education. The staff is dedicated to insuring that the children are taught using developmentally appropriate techniques and materials. Play is the work of children and at Thompson we explore the world through age appropriate materials indoors and outdoors.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of “Excellence in Education” at Thompson Early Childhood Center. We extend an open invitation to anyone seeking to view the world through a child’s eyes. This view certainly makes us realize that children ARE our most valuable resource in the world.

History of Jacksonville-Thompson Elementary School

Jacksonville Elementary was originally constructed in 1941 as an elementary school serving 1st through 8th grade.  In 1954, the school was officially renamed Walter Thompson Elementary School in honor of former Superintendent Walter Thompson.  During the 1950's additions to the school were made with the contruction of the cafeteria, a new classroom wing, and the final addition which included the auditorium and lobby in 1957.  In 2003, through a federal grant obtained by Dr. Kay B. Gresham, Thompson was renovated to provide a developmentally appropriate educational setting for preschool children including open centers, child-sized bathrooms, and furniture.  The school was renamed the Thompson Early Childhood Center in 2004.  Thompson is entering the fourteenth year of operation.

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