Parent Committee


TECC Preschool Parents

Join us 

1st Parent Committee & Activity   

                                                                     Tuesday, September 13, 2016



Have I.D. and sign in at the office. 

All Parents of enrolled children are automatically members of the committee.  This committee provides every parent with the opportunity to assist in the development of activities that address their interest, needs, and that support the education and healthy development of their children.


We will meet just a few minutes then be dismissed to go to the classrooms for the activities!


Please come, we need your help! 

See you there!

What does the Parent Committee do?

Assist in the development and orientation of the preschool program.
Discuss and review lesson plans, assist in developing menu recommendations and nutrition activities.
Volunteer in the classroom, assist in planning activities.
Promote volunteer services from parents and community sources.
Make recommendations to the Head Start Policy Council.
Communicate with other parents and encourage them to participate in the program.
Assist with the Head Start self-assessment.